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Implement a proactive, comprehensive approach to mitigating risk 

It's important to get quality background check products that help make solid hiring and recruiting decisions. Our screening services allow you to select the products that pertain to your industry or hiring guidelines, all the way down to job-level positions. You also need a secure and easy process to obtain information on your applicants. It's simple, our technology and flexible options give you the ability to create a screening program that best aligns with your industry or corporate requirements. 

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Staffing  business services
Hire qualified personnel to grow reputation and revenue

Business service organizations depend on offering qualified, competent services to their customers in order to maintain and grow... 
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Transportation  CONSTRUCTION
Remain competitive in today's economy 
Ensuring you hire the right people is crucial for your business. Your employees need to possess the necessary skills to represent...
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Education Verification  EDUCATIONAL SERVICES
Achieve faculty and support staff excellence

To gain a reputation for excellence it is imperative academic institutions compose a faculty and support staff that will uphold these...
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Minimize risk and meet regulatory compliances  finance and insurance
Generate a strong ROI through efficiency and expertise 

In order to ensure a competitive business with a strong ROI companies must protect their assets and remain regulatory...
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Healthcare  HEALTHCARE
Protect those at risk while gaining a competitive advantage

In a healthcare environment it is vitally important to guarantee the safety of your employees and their patients.  
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Hospitality  Hospitality
Create efficiency and drive revenue with the right team 

In the hospitality industry it is crucial that you have the right people in place to grow your business.  
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Achieve efficiency and profitability through smart hiring

Today's manufacturing companies must be efficient in their hiring practices in order to remain competitive in the marketplace.
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Give your nonprofit safety and peace of mind  Nonprofit ASSOCIATIONS AND SOCIAL ASSISTANCE
Serving the public starts with smart hiring

Nonprofit organizations must use all reasonable care in the selection of applicants and volunteers to avoid opening....
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Retail  Retail and consumer services
Hire the right employees to enhance reputation
Competent and qualified employees are essential to delivering the level of customer service necessary for companies to succeed...
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Property Management  tenant screening
Qualify tenants on both a local and national level 

IntelliCorp Tenant Screening services help property owners, managers and landlords identify risks and find quality tenants...
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Creating efficiency and profits start with your workforce

Hiring a workforce that is productive, skilled, and reliable is critical to creating an efficient operation.
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We offer a wide range of screening services to help your organization.
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