Tenant Background Screening Packages

Protect your property, reputation and community

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It’s important to qualify your prospective tenants thoroughly on both a local and national level. IntelliCorp offers a variety of tenant screening packages to help property owners and property management organizations identify potential risks.

You want to protect your property and investment, which is why these packages look into your prospective tenant’s past rental and financial history. Identifying undesirable patterns of behavior can save you time and money. You want to make sure they can afford their rent and haven’t had financial issues with previous landlords. 

In addition to financial risks, you need to be concerned about security – not only to your property, but to other tenants and neighbors as well. You do not want to expose others to unnecessary risks and safety concerns. Criminal background screens and person references help uncover these kinds of risks and allows you to protect your reputation, property and community.

Packages Standard
SSN Verification w/ Address History
Government Sanctions Search (including OFAC)
Validated Criminal Database
Validated Nationwide Sex Offenders
Validated Department of Corrections
Unlimited Single Counties (7 years address history)  
Unlimited Single Counties (unlimited address history)    
Federal Criminal Records  
Arrest Records (will recommend single county criminal searches)    
Credit History
Evictions Search  
Personal References     2 refs


We can also customize your package, based around your unique business needs – whether it’s due to specific industry regulations, legal requirements or your own desire to hold your candidates to a higher standard. While we don’t compromise on compliance or the quality of our reports, we will work with you to modify and expand our packages.

Some common add-ons and customizations include:

  • Bankruptcies, Judgments and Liens
  • Evictions
  • Personal References

We also offer enhanced criminal products to add onto your package, including:

  • Federal Criminal Searches
  • Comprehensive Former Name Searches
  • Expanded Criminal Recommendations
  • Arrest History Criminal Recommendations

If this package doesn’t meet your needs, we have several pre-defined packages available for other industries:

Love this company, from my first encounter with my salesperson to the training to the website. Keep up the good work, it’s so nice to deal with competent people.

-- Wendy B. | HR Compliance & Safety Manager


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