Form I9 & E-Verify

Verifying employment eligibility isn’t just a good idea, it's a requirement

Employers are required to determine an employee’s eligibility via the Form I9 process or be subjected to the legal ramifications of hiring individuals who are not legally authorized to work in the U.S.

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Product Descriptions

IntelliCorp’s employment eligibility verification system helps you to manage the process of I9 completion and integration into E-Verify accurately and efficiently. We provide the tools to help you electronically create, manage, and store I9 forms for new employees followed by a seamless, one-click E-Verify submission process.

The entire process, from creating a new form to submitting the form to E-Verify to receiving verification of employment eligibility, is managed in one central location for process ease and efficiency.

Features & Benefits

Our I9 and E-Verify system:

  • Helps organizations mitigate the risk of hiring unauthorized individuals and helps protect against fines and penalties in the event of an audit 
  • Puts compliance at the forefront of the process by having the most current forms available
  • Provides alerts and notifications to ensure employees’ work authorizations are up-to-date, and including error prevention tactics for mistake-free documents
  • Helps quickly and accurately confirm identities and verify employment eligibility

“We value our partnership with IntelliCorp and are confident that our background screening process is thorough, accurate and helpful in keeping our organization safe and secure. ”

-- Allan G. | Human Resources Manager



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