Obtaining a more comprehensive picture of an applicant

Similar to criminal cases in which county courts do not share information with other jurisdictions, it’s important to conduct individual civil searches to locate cases in specific counties. This search can deliver an added layer of confidence you need to make educated hiring decisions.

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Product Descriptions

Civil Records
An IntelliCorp civil record search includes relevant records of both upper and lower county courts, including data such as the individual’s name and the parties involved, case number and type of case, dates of filing and disposition, claim amount and judgment awarded.

Bankruptcies, Judgments & Liens
IntelliCorp’s reports include details on bankruptcies, civil judgments, tax liens and small claims judgments filed at the county level for all 50 states. Liens reported may include federal, state, or county tax liens.


Filed at the county level for all 50 states, our evictions report can help you better understand your potential candidate’s reliability and responsibility, attesting to their character and trustworthiness.

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Features & Benefits

Civil court records can help you answer the following questions:

  • Does litigation involving bad debt demonstrate a lack of responsibility? 
  • Does a broken contract show dishonesty or an inability to follow through? 
  • Does being involved in multiple civil cases mean extra time off work? 
  • Will this applicant pose a risk to our organization’s reputation?  

“You'd be surprised by the number of people who don't admit to having a record, but we are confident that IntelliCorp can find them. ”

-- Mary G. | SHRM Certified Professional



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