Adverse Action & Post-Screening Services

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In a perfect world, a thorough background screening program ensures compliance and will confirm an applicant’s suitability for a job.

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Product Descriptions

Adverse Action Letters
An adverse action letter notifies a job applicant or current employee of an employer’s intent to not hire or retain that person based on background check results, and provides the consumer an opportunity to dispute the negative findings.

The IntelliCorp adverse action process is a two-step procedure:

  • Providing an applicant with a pre-adverse action letter, which contains a copy of the background check report
  • A final adverse action notice if the ultimate employment decision is negative

The IntelliCorp process can help fulfill Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) requirements by providing letter templates featuring necessary FCRA wording as well as the option to email or mail letters along with the relevant background check reports.

Self-Service Scoring
Self-scoring lets you establish consistent and uniform hiring practices according to your corporate guidelines — giving you ultimate confidence in your hiring decisions. We offer self-service scoring as a value-added service so you can facilitate a fast and consistent review of your applicant screening results. Through a simple dashboard, our service lets you easily score your applicant. By identifying and applying screening standards, you help ensure Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) compliance, and have a consistent structure that aligns with your hiring processes and guidelines.

Form I9 & E-Verify
IntelliCorp’s employment eligibility verification system helps you to manage the process of Form I9 completion and integration into E-Verify quickly and efficiently. We provide the tools to help you electronically create, manage, and store I9 forms for new employees followed by a seamless, one-click E-Verify submission process.

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Features & Benefits

  • Facilitates compliance with FCRA requirements 
  • Saves time while reducing administrative costs 
  • Streamlines screening activity
  • Helps you stay organized and in control of your selection process
  • Protects the applicant's personal background information
  • Supports business unit, geographic and cultural neutrality

“We value our partnership with IntelliCorp and are confident that our background screening process is thorough, accurate and helpful in keeping our organization safe and secure. ”

-- Allan G. | Human Resources Manager



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02/16/18  |  Sharon Zaleski

New IntelliCorp Website Features Enhanced Content Optimized for Mobile Viewing

IntelliCorp, an NAPBS accredited provider of background checks and employment screening services has launched a new website that has mobile viewing capabilities.
02/14/18  |  Sharon Zaleski

IntelliCorp Named on HRO Today Magazine’s 2017 Baker’s Dozen List of Top Background Screening Providers

Intellicorp Records has been named to HRO Today magazine’s 2017 Baker’s Dozen list of the top 13 background screening providers. This is the ninth year NAPBS accredited IntelliCorp has appeared on the list, which is a top metric of service and quality in the background and employment screening industry.