Corporate Responsibility

Our commitment to making a positive impact on society

At IntelliCorp, the same values and ethics that we demonstrate within our day-to-day business functions extend to our corporate social responsibility mindset. We are proud of our employees and the philanthropic spirit that exists throughout our organization.

Our company is comprised of dedicated corporate citizens who are committed to improving our world and empowered to make a difference through our social responsibility endeavors. We support local, national, and international charitable organizations and provide assistance to those in need. We participate in many events throughout the year that benefit charities and causes that are important to our staff, community, and society. 

We’re proud to champion citizenship engagement through monetary and supply donations in addition to hands-on volunteer efforts. These initiatives are an integral part of IntelliCorp’s culture and overall strategy. We believe that corporate social responsibility provides a positive example of giving back and helping others. 

As we continue to grow, IntelliCorp’s unwavering commitment and responsibility to serving the world in which we live and work is further cultivated within our everyday business practices.

The following is a review of our recent corporate social responsibility efforts:

Summit County Humane Society
Summit County Humane Society
Group of people smiling at Women Safe
Women Safe
Volunteers doing yard work at Cornerstone of Hope
Cornerstone of Hope