International Searches

Because the world is getting infinitely smaller

In the quest for the highly skilled and qualified job applicants, employers often need to expand their search beyond borders. As globalization and outsourcing has become more prevalent, it’s important for organizations to include international background checks.

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Product Descriptions

An IntelliCorp international search includes background screening products such as employment and education verifications, and criminal searches, performed across more than 200 countries and territories. Resulting data from each search may differ from that obtained in the United States due to countries’ restrictions that limit access to employee information.

IntelliCorp will research the varying requirements and restrictions of the pertinent nations and determine the paperwork and information required to conduct a background search in a respective country. We have the experience working closely with researchers across the globe and the knowledge of country-specific regulations and practices to result in thorough international search results.

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Features & Benefits

With an international background check, organizations can:

  • Verify a candidate’s experience around the globe
  • Help ensure consistent hiring practices for all job candidates
  • Reduce your organization’s liability with built-in compliance features

“IntelliCorp is a class act, with the most excellent service I have received in years! The support I have gotten has made this process infinitely smoother. I really appreciate the training because truly I didn’t know a lot of the requirements. ”

-- Laura T. | Human Resources



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08/16/18  |  Chris Cornwell

Federal Court Rules in Favor of Employer in Medical Marijuana Lawsuit

A Federal Court ruled that employees with prescriptions for medical marijuana are still subject to drug screening by their employers for the substance.

07/30/18  |  Chris Cornwell

IntelliCorp Named to 2018 Workforce Magazine Hot List for Background Screening Providers

IntelliCorp was named to Workforce Magazine's Hot List for the 12th time. The list is meant to highlight top background screening providers.