Criminal Records

Obtaining and interpreting criminal records data can be a daunting task

IntelliCorp has the knowledge and expertise to proficiently navigate the complicated process and apply the appropriate state and federal FCRA filters, for thorough and compliant results.   

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Product Descriptions

Multi-State Criminal Database Search
With our proprietary database and technology, the Criminal SuperSearch produces an extensive multi-state report of criminal records, including the District of Columbia. Each Criminal SuperSearch report may contain details about felony and misdemeanor records, sex-offender records, inmate records, and arrest information.

County Criminal Court Search
IntelliCorp’s background check process includes a Social Security trace that automatically identifies counties where a person has lived in order to search for possible criminal records. If information is found that is not covered in our Criminal SuperSearch, any single county search recommendations will be completed. A county search report includes felony and misdemeanor records and can contain complete case information including details about the defendant (name, date of birth, and address), the case (case number, filed date, and sentence), and the criminal charges (statute section, offense description, and charge disposition).

Statewide Criminal Search
IntelliCorp’s statewide criminal search products uses information provided one or more sources to search an entire state for criminal records. Our reports include details such as felony and misdemeanor records, traffic records, Department of Corrections’ records, and information from state sex-offender registries. 

Federal Criminal Search
In the U.S., the federal court system is independent from state and local courts. By conducting federal criminal records searches, you’ll receive additional information about a candidate. There are 94 federal district courts across the U.S. and its territories. Reports provide information on the typically more serious federal crimes, including fraud and embezzlement, tax evasion, drug trafficking, and bank robbery. 

Nationwide Sex Offender Database Search
Our nationwide sex offender search provides a report with publicly available sex offender registries from all states, as well as from the District of Columbia and Puerto Rico. Some states may also include violent offender information.

Multi-State Department of Correction Database Search
Inmate and criminal records searches provide information from each state’s Department of Corrections for currently incarcerated and released inmates. These detailed reports may include information on an individual’s probation and parole and provide active or inactive status within a state facility. Information can vary by state.
Former Last Name
Many people have one or more former last names. Life events such as marriage and divorce result in many applicants with records associated with more than one former last name. Therefore, it’s possible that criminal records could exist under any prior name or combination of names.
Our data shows that if you omit former last names from your screening process, you can miss important records. It’s important to understand that a thorough criminal background check involves searching all former last names. The process includes searching all former last names and addresses using our criminal validation process to identify potential records associated with an applicant.
Government Sanctions
A government sanctions check can identify individuals who have been involved in unlawful actions and prevent the adverse hiring or continued employment of someone who poses a serious threat to an organization.

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Features & Benefits

By performing an exhaustive criminal record search, you can:

  • Discover serious and potentially harmful information about an individual
  • Flag candidates that display a propensity to commit violence, theft, or other criminal activity in the workplace
  • Protect your organization’s assets and reputation
  • Ensure your employees’ safety

“You'd be surprised by the number of people who don't admit to having a record, but we are confident that IntelliCorp can find them. ”

-- Mary G. | SHRM Certified Professional



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