Uncovering potential financial risk factors of a candidate

For certain roles in an organization, hiring an unsuitable candidate or dealing with a risky company can be an extremely costly error, particularly when it comes to handling money, valuable assets, or sensitive financial data. 

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Product Descriptions

Credit Reports
Our pre-employment credit checks provide factual and cost-effective information such as type of account, credit limit, balances, and payment history, credit inquiries, and collections information that can attest to the responsibility, or lack thereof, of a potential employee.

Business Credit Reports
IntelliCorp’s business credit reports provide details regarding the credit, legal, and financial history of a company, from reliable and detailed sources. Reports may include business name and address, key personnel, website address, SIC/NAICS code, rating score, information about public filings, payment behavior, and more.

Scored Credit Reports
A scored credit report from IntelliCorp includes a FICO credit score and may include other crucial data such as identifying information, credit balances and payment details, and collections history. Obtaining this report for tenant and franchisee screening can help landlords, property managers, and other businesses mitigate the risk of leasing to individuals with poor credit backgrounds and negative rental histories. 

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Features & Benefits

By obtaining credit reports for an applicant, you can:

  • View details about an individual’s or company’s financial history that can expose potential risk factors
  • Provide additional evidence of identifying information that could be a useful supplement to a criminal records check
  • Maintain FCRA and state law compliance, as certain legislation limits the use of credit reports for employment purposes

“I've been a client of IntelliCorp since 2009 and they continue to exceed client expectations of high standards of service and are always available to speak with their clients. Great job to the entire organization! ”

-- Melissa C. | Recruiter



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