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At IntelliCorp, we are only as good as the strategic partnerships we have developed over time. With our exemplary service and valued expertise, our relationships with talent management, payroll systems, human resources and risk management organizations have truly made us a leader in the industry. 

HR Integrations

HR Integrations

“HR Integrations is an HR software technology company with over 30 years of cumulative experience in advanced integration technologies in the HR industry. HR Integrations makes the arduous and time-consuming activity of system integrations obsolete by simplifying and eliminating the work it takes to integrate disparate systems, quickly. Our mission is to make HR services more accessible by aggregating and pre-integrating leading service providers on the HRNX Exchange. We bridge the gap between all HR systems (ATS, HRIS, HCM, Payroll, E-Learning, and ERP) and the HR services marketplace. Founded in 2009, HR Integrations is based in New York, NY.

Our HRNX product eliminates the challenges of directly integrating with ATS and HRIS providers while facilitating rapid connectivity with new partners in the HR marketplace. Our knowledge and experience extends to employment screening (background checks), drug testing, skills assessments, I-9 verifications, payroll, benefits, tax credits and more. Through one integrated vendor network, we bring the HR marketplace together to you and your customers. One platform - accessed through one connection - makes custom integrations obsolete. HRNX adds bottom-line value, delivers operational cost savings and decreases integration project time lines.

Founded in 2009, HR Integrations is based in New York, NY. To learn more or to request a product demonstration please contact HR Integrations at 1-866-716-0672 or visit us on the web”



Applicant Tracking System & HR Recruiting Application

iCIMS' Talent Platform is the industry's premier talent acquisition solution that enables HR professionals to manage their organization's entire talent lifecycle from sourcing to recruitment marketing to applicant tracking to onboarding all within a single web-based application. Providing innovative HR solutions, iCIMS gives recruiters the necessary tools to make the most informed hiring decisions, every time. The iCIMS Talent Platform is easy to use, scalable, and backed by award-winning iCARE™ Support; it's the ideal applicant tracking software for growing businesses.

Talent Management Professionals

Whether you are a sourcing specialist, recruiter, hiring manger, or onboarding coordinator, iCIMS' web-based human resources software enables your growing organization to reduce your cost-per-hire and streamline manual processes to present a tangible ROI and strong corporate footprint in the very competitive search for top talent. Founded on a "back-to-the-basics" philosophy, the power of the iCIMS Talent Platform is supported by an unparalleled customer experience making it to be the most robust, simple-to-use, and accessible applicant tracking system in the HRIS space. Experience the difference in applicant tracking with iCIMS. For additional information, visit

Provider Group

Provider Group

Provider Group is a boutique insurance brokerage firm offering proactive risk management solutions. We help clients navigate all aspects of their property risk including loss control, safety training, workers' compensation and more. Our insurance brokers work with clients to understand their business, identify property exposures, and to design and execute strategies, policies, and procedures to reduce or eliminate your exposure to risk.

Our consultative process enables us to gain an understanding of your business and place your risk with the carrier best suited to your unique needs. Clients appreciate our holistic approach, as they know they have a partner they can rely on, and who will interact well with their other business advisors. Our senior management is actively involved with your account, and clients benefit from our proactive solutions and responsive service.

R&L Connections and Securitec Screening Solutions

R&L Connections and Securitec Screening Solutions

All New Jersey Single County Searches are provided by either: R&L Connections, Inc, private investigator number 7339 or Securitec Screening Solutions, private investigator number 7237.

We value our partnership with IntelliCorp and are confident that our background screening process is thorough, accurate and helpful in keeping our organization safe and secure.

-- Allan G. | Human Resources Manager


08/16/18  |  Chris Cornwell

Federal Court Rules in Favor of Employer in Medical Marijuana Lawsuit

A Federal Court ruled that employees with prescriptions for medical marijuana are still subject to drug screening by their employers for the substance.

07/30/18  |  Chris Cornwell

IntelliCorp Named to 2018 Workforce Magazine Hot List for Background Screening Providers

IntelliCorp was named to Workforce Magazine's Hot List for the 12th time. The list is meant to highlight top background screening providers.