Thorough background screening for engaging ideal volunteers

Non-profits rely heavily on volunteers not only to provide their time and efforts, but also to act in accordance with the organization’s mission and to uphold its values. IntelliCorp can provide the products and solutions you need to adequately screen volunteers prior to enlisting unsuitable individuals who might subject your organization to costly litigation or loss of reputation. 


Industry-leading volunteer screening solutions

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Having an effective background screening process in place for volunteers is as essential as screening paid employees. Identifying applicants who have a history of inappropriate or criminal behavior before bringing them onto your team is crucial to maintaining your organization’s health and reputation.

IntelliCorp can help you design a screening program that meets your unique needs. Your program can consist of a customized selection of our products and solutions including:

A self-service tool to facilitate screening

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While a volunteer background check is necessary, it is not easy. The complexities found in screening paid employees are often magnified when dealing with unpaid volunteers who have less of a vested interest in completing the process. 

IntelliCorp offers an applicant self-service data entry tool to simplify the process. Our Volunteer Portal enables applicants to submit required personal information themselves via a secure web-based mechanism. The portal is configurable so that it can be tailored to fit your specific screening requirements and display your branding. 

Benefits of the Volunteer Portal include:

  • Password-protected searches sent via encrypted protocols
  • Quick turnaround of results
  • Time-saving self-service workflow
  • Knowledgeable and responsive customer service representatives
  • Strict data privacy and security

Our negative experience with a previous background screening provider has made us more keenly aware of our needs; IntelliCorp has satisfied every one of them.

-- William P. | Head Recruiter



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