Self-Service Batching

The solution for high-volume search challenges

Self-service batching is a valuable time-saving solution if your organization processes background checks on large groups of names. IntelliCorp excels at bulk screening services, so you can focus on your vital hiring and decision-making processes.

The process is simple

Self-service batching starts with a template designed specifically for your screening requirements. Simply enter your applicants’ names and pertinent data into a preconfigured spreadsheet template and upload it over a secure connection. The system then automatically processes all of the background screens while you focus on other responsibilities. Results can then be viewed through our website in an easy-to-read and organized format. 

In addition to receiving personalized training sessions, you will also be guided throughout the batching process with helpful online instructions. As always, our responsive customer service professionals are available to answer your questions and provide guidance throughout the process.  

Read our flyer on our self-service batching service. 

The benefits of batching

Batch processing from IntelliCorp provides important benefits for your organization’s employment screening program, including:

  • Submit a batch at any time that’s convenient for you, 24/7.
  • Automating large numbers of searches, thereby decreasing the time spent on administrative tasks while increasing the efficiency of your entire employment screening process. 
  • Access to IntelliCorp’s extensive search capabilities, vast data repository, and network of source data providers, producing the most comprehensive and compliant background screens.
  • Results that are delivered quickly and securely and are easily accessible online, giving you the information you need to make effective, knowledgeable hiring decisions. 

Batching uses the same “smart recommendation” model as IntelliSearch, dynamically recommending the best searches to perform, based on an applicant’s attributes.

We value our partnership with IntelliCorp and are confident that our background screening process is thorough, accurate and helpful in keeping our organization safe and secure.

-- Allan G. | Human Resources Manager



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