Protect your property and your investment with premier tenant screening solutions

Landlords have a vested interest in the continual occupancy of their rental properties, as do the property managers that maintain them. Being too quick to rent a property without first adequately qualifying a potential tenant, however, can be a time-consuming and costly mistake. 

The importance of background checks for new tenants

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Potential for risk exists on both sides of a rental agreement. However, the majority of the risk often falls upon the property owner or manager. Property owners need to protect their financial interests. Renting to an irresponsible or unscrupulous tenant could lead to months without rental income, costly repairs to a property or the cumbersome process of eviction. 

Consequently, it is vitally important to conduct a thorough tenant background check on both a local and national level. IntelliCorp offers an extensive menu of screening solutions to provide property owners and managers with credit, criminal, and other relevant information needed to effectively investigate a potential tenant and make a well-informed renting decision. 


Comprehensive tenant screening services and custom packages

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We understand that every property is unique and property owners and managers often need a specific set of screening products and services. We can customize a tenant screening package with a combination of options including the following popular products:

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Additionally, as part of our industry-leading service philosophy, we offer new account credentialing. The process is brief and ensures that property owners and managers are complying with FCRA regulation that customers must have a legitimate purpose for purchasing credit reports. 

With tenant screening from IntelliCorp, you receive the information needed to effectively assess the quality of potential renters, avoid making time-consuming and costly errors in judgment, and maintain compliance with the rules and regulations pertaining to background checks.

Love this company, from my first encounter with my salesperson to the training to the website. Keep up the good work, it’s so nice to deal with competent people.

-- Wendy B. | HR Compliance & Safety Manager



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