Superior pre-employment screening to ensure exceptional employees

Pre-employment screening is a crucial process for any organization that strives to maintain a highly qualified, talented, and respected team of employees that will contribute to business growth and success. 

The importance of pre-employment screening

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Hiring the right employee for a position is often a formidable task. For every poor hiring decision, the entire process – from recruiting to screening to training – begins anew. It can cost thousands of dollars to train and onboard even the lowest waged workers and can take years for a new employee to be as knowledgeable and productive as a seasoned counterpart. It is therefore critical to make effective hiring decisions the first time.

Industry-leading pre-employment screening solutions

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IntelliCorp has over 20 years of experience in offering background screening services to organizations of any size in a large variety of industries. Whether your organization operates locally, nationally, or internationally, we can provide world-class, compliant products and services to meet your unique hiring needs.

Your pre-employment screening program can consist of a customized selection of our products and services including:

We also offer value-added integration solutions to make the process more efficient such as batch processing. Throughout, our team of experienced professionals is available to provide reliable service and support.


IntelliCorp is a class act, with the most excellent service I have received in years! The support I have gotten has made this process infinitely smoother. I really appreciate the training because truly I didn’t know a lot of the requirements.

-- Laura T. | Human Resources



Whether you are bringing on a volunteer, hiring someone into a large enterprise or a small business, it is important to know who you are hiring.

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In addition to all the traditional hiring concerns that affect all companies, healthcare organization face additional scrutiny and regulation.

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Because you want to protect your property and investment, these packages look into your prospective tenant’s past rental and financial history.

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