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Self-Service Scoring

Maintain consistent and uniform hiring practices

Get the power to streamline your employment screening process and make applicant selection easier. Our Self-Service Scoring solution lets you establish consistent and uniform hiring practices according to your corporate guidelines — giving you ultimate confidence in your hiring decisions.

We make it simple:

  • You define background screening results and policies that are acceptable company-wide or for specific positions you plan to fill
  • Systematically review each background screening result with designated objective criteria to assess the legitimacy of your applicant
  • Easily score your applicant with a “Pass,” “Fail,” or “Hold”

Self-Service Scoring allows you to:

  • Reduce time to hire and errors
  • Uniformly apply hiring standards
  • Stay organized and in control of your selection process
  • Guarantee confidentiality of the applicant's background information
  • Protect business unit, geographic and cultural neutrality
  • Ensure compliance with hiring regulations

We offer Self-Service scoring as a value-added service to you — so you can facilitate a fast and consistent review of your applicant screening results, and identify and apply screening standards to ensure consistency with your hiring processes and guidelines.




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