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A federal offense is a crime committed on federal property or considered a violation of federal law.

Since federal courts are separate from state and local courts, search results performed at the federal level are not included in state, county or instant database background checks. One of the most valuable searches that can benefit employers is a Federal Criminal search. It serves as an important supplement to a standard background screen and is beneficial for all positions.

Examples of federal crimes include, but are not limited to:

• Fraud/Embezzlement      • Tax Evasion 
• Drug Trafficking • National Security
• Bank Robbery         • Mail Fraud 
• Child Pornography • Internet Crimes 
• Kidnapping • Security/Exchange Commission Crimes 

There are a total of 94 federal district courts across the county, which also includes the District of Columbia, Puerto Rico, the Virgin Islands, Northern Marinara Islands and Guam. Each state has at least one district court, while other larger states may have multiple courts. All 94 federal district courts maintain their own records. This means that criminal cases prosecuted in a specific federal district are located in that court’s repository only.

Background Checks with Federal Criminal Search

At IntelliCorp, we can combine a Federal Criminal search with your criminal package and other products (such as Professional References, Employment/Education Verifications, and Credit Reports). By doing so, it will help ensure your organization is; identifying candidates who many not meet your hiring requirements, reducing the threat of fraud and theft, and adding an additional measure against negligent hiring claims.

Key benefits of Federal Criminal searches: 

  • Check for potential criminal activity beyond the state and local levels. 
  • Protect your brand, minimize risks, and promote a safe work environment.
  • Federal crimes generally are more serious and result in stricter penalties as opposed to a typical criminal conviction.
  • According to the U.S. Department of Justice, the number of suspects arrested by federal law enforcement has more than doubled, from 80,450 in 1994 to 172,248 in 2012.

How do I add Federal Criminal Searches to my account? 

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