Proper Compliance with Form I9 and E-Verify System Now More Important Than Ever

Correctly and efficiently determining an employee’s eligibility to legally work within the United States is vital for American employers. By not using the latest Form I9 form and/or not utilizing the E-Verify system, employers could be subjected to severe legal ramifications.
Recent news stories regarding raids of nearly 100 7-Eleven stores by Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents (ICE) investigating undocumented immigrant workers and ICE hitting 77 California businesses with notice of inspections for audits of their Form I9 documents should reinforce how important it is to remain compliant.
In addition to these stories, the U.S. Department of Justice recently increased fines for Form I9 related penalties. Fines for document abuse will range from $185 to $1,848 per violation, penalties for failure to inform the government of continuing employment following E-Verify non-confirmation will range from $779 - $1,558 per violation, and penalties for unfair immigration related practices are between $461 to $3,695 per violation. So you can see that non-compliance can be very expensive.
IntelliCorp can be a trusted partner to help you navigate this with our accurate and efficient process. Our tools can help you create, manage, and store I9 forms followed by a one-click E-Verify submission process.
The benefits of using our service include:
  • Helping mitigate the risk of hiring unauthorized individuals
  • Ensures you are using the most current forms available
  • Provides alerts and notifications to ensure employees’ work authorizations are up to date
  • Quickly confirms identities and verify employment eligibility
Visit our website for more information about Form I9 and E-Verify, as well as other products and services we offer.


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