IntelliCorp Announces Enhanced Pre-Adverse & Adverse Action Solution for Background Screening

Pre-Adverse and Adverse Action notices are key components of any compliant background screening program and it's vital organizations have a clear and efficient solution to address them. IntelliCorp is now offering an enhanced Pre-Adverse Action and Adverse Action process.

This enhanced process can positively impact your background screening program in tangible ways that can make a huge difference. We believe this is a true difference-maker in the screening industry.

  • Adverse Action Letter will be emailed for free
  • Federal, state, and local regulations are all handled automatically
  • Copies of the letters will be available to view by all clients, with the ability to resend or print the letters

Any client who also utilizes our mobile Candidate Direct & Volunteer Portal will see even more convenience with their background screening program when they combine our new Pre-Adverse and Adverse Action solution with mobile Candidate Direct & Volunteer Portal. Your program will be even more:

  • Compliant
  • Comprehensive
  • Convenient

View our Press Release with even more information about this important new solution.

Want more information about who IntelliCorp is and what we can offer?

  • 20+ industry experience
  • NAPBS accredited
  • Rated #1 for quality of service in latest industry survey
  • Earned "Excellent" rating and "Editor's Choice" distinction from
  • True commitment to compliance and innovation in the background screening industry

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