IntelliCorp Announces Mobile Version of Candidate Direct and Volunteer Portal Services

IntelliCorp is happy to announce our new mobile version of Candidate Direct and Volunteer Portal has arrived! Your candidates can enjoy a streamlined user experience by accessing a portal from any type of device they choose. It can be a desktop, laptop, tablet, or phone, it doesn’t matter. This is just another way IntelliCorp is trying to add convenience and transparency to the screening process. Simply send the link as always and the system will adjust based on the device the candidate is using.



What the mobile version offers:

  • Driver’s license scan where users can take a picture of their license and the system automatically fills in the information captured.
  • Ability to SAVE, EXIT and RETURN later if a user needs to stop during the process.
  • Disclosures and Authorizations with E-Signature. 
  • Easier data entry process for products such as Employment and Education Verifications, Personal References, and Motor Vehicle Reports (MVRs).
  • Simple volunteer self-payment method available for nonprofit organizations to help disburse background screening expenses.
  • Numbered steps in the process so the user knows where they are at.

Want to learn even more about our Candidate Direct and Volunteer Portals? Visit our page for more information.

Watch our brief video on this new service.

For any questions related to our new mobile Candidate Direct and Volunteer offerings, please contact IntelliCorp Client Services at 888-946-8355 or

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