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People change their last name. Searching all of them is vital.

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Many organizations recognize that individuals change their name over the course of their life. Our data shows that those who omit former last names in their search process can miss important records they would have found by searching all names possible. 

Many people have one or more former last names. Life events such as marriage and divorce result in many subjects with records associated with more than one former last name. Therefore, it’s possible that criminal records could exist under any prior name or combination of names. For example, if a person gets married and changes their name, and has a criminal record under their maiden name, the criminal record will not show up under the married name.

While adding former last name searches to your screening program is more costly, using all information available to conduct a comprehensive criminal background check will provide you with a more valuable result. It’s important to understand that a thorough criminal background check involves searching all former last names. Knowing the right information about an applicant affords organizations the benefit of making the most informed hiring decisions possible. 

Why is the Former Last Name product important? 

  • The best method to ensure all names and addresses are searched is to run a full validated criminal package on each name.
  • Current industry best practices suggest a county search for any or all Former Last Names.
  • Criminal searches at the county court level are generally the most accurate source for up-to-date criminal record information.

The comprehensive Former Last Name includes: 

  • All criminal products in your existing package will be ordered on each Former Last Name that you select.   
  • All aspects of record validation will be conducted on the Former Last Name(s) requested in the search criteria.
  • Results for all Former Last Names ordered are compiled into a single, organized report.
  • Federal Criminal searches may now be added as part of the Former Last Name search.

How do I add the Former Last Name product to my account? 
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