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Minnesota Shutdown affects Motor Vehicle Reports and Driving Records

  July 6, 2011

Failing to pass a budget, Minnesota went into a state government shutdown on July 1, 2011. As a result of the budget crisis, all state services considered non-essential closed. Offices will remain closed until the legislature can pass a budget for continued funding and operation of state government. While a number of other states also faced budget problems and shortfalls this year, Minnesota is the only one to close its doors.

Some of the “essential” core functions that are still operating are (in general):

  • Basic custodial care for residents of state correctional facilities, regional treatment centers, nursing homes, veterans homes and residential academies and other similar state-operated services.
  • Maintenance of public safety and immediate public health concerns.
  • Provision of benefit payments and medical services to individuals.
  • Preservation of the essential elements of the financial government system.
  • Necessary administration and supportive services, including but not limited to computer system maintenance, Internet security, issuance of payments.

The shutdown has affected the Minnesota Department of Public Safety, which supplies motor vehicle reports (MVRs). It has been confirmed that, during the shutdown, the Department will not update driving records. IntelliCorp will continue to process records that are available from Minnesota during the shutdown; these records will be current as of the last update received from the state prior to the closure on July 1st. The closure does not have an effect on access to criminal and civil court data.

We'll keep you informed as the situation changes (and when it hopefully gets resolved).

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