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Human Resource and Employee Managers — Got Employees With Poor Performance?

  July 19, 2011

Attention Human Resource and Employee Managers.

Complete the super brief exercise below. I'll bet afterwards you'll identify that “special” someone without blinking an eye.

QUESTION: Who is it?

Arrives late to work…repeatedly.

Takes long breaks…or strolls around the office.

Does a whole lot of nothing during the day or…

Does the bare minimum just to get by.

Complains, complains, and oh yes…complains.

Leaves early… all the time.

Calls off sick…the next day.

Also called off… last week.

Will probably call off…next week.

Coworkers are really annoyed and morale is declining...

You know there's a problem.

Who is it?

ANSWER: The deadbeat employee!

I found this great article written in Golf Course Industry. Of course, the topic centers on golf course management. But even if you don't play golf or just play a mean game of putt putt — if you're an HR manager or manage employees you've got read it. Deadbeat employees infiltrate many companies, and this gives some great advice on how to manage employees who have sunk into the lackluster “poor performance” category. Apply the advice to your situation!

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