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A Case of Employee Theft Leaves Someone Mad About Internal Theft

  November 3, 2011

I’m not mad. Are you? I know some people are. That is, after they find out an employee has been stealing from them. If you’re not worried about the potential for employee theft, perhaps you should be. I know it can be hard to believe that the employee you hired for that “trusted position” would actually steal from you. But it happens just about every day in all types of businesses and in a myriad of different ways. Some employers never see it coming, because it can be very difficult to separate dishonest employees from honest employees.

The problem of internal theft has increased due to the weak economy, especially as people try to cope with financial stress. Learn to recognize the warning signs of employee theft. Make theft prevention a priority. Be careful who you trust. Watch for red flags in employee behavior and activity.

Here are some tips to help reduce employee theft:

  • • Examine your company processes to make sure there are no breakdowns in procedures
  • • Establish a system of checks and balances to ensure monitoring of employees and job functions
  • • Create a plan to discourage theft
  • • Develop internal theft policies that are clear, consistent and comprehensive
  • • Educate your employees
  • • Have a well-defined pre-employment screening program to conduct background checks on all new hires and employees

Nothing is foolproof, and despite your best efforts, employees can find ways to steal. However, by being proactive, your business can help deter employee theft.

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November 7, 2011 at 4:31 pm
Derek B.  says:
Thanks for this information. I recently had to deal with an unfortunate situation with one of my own employees, so these points really hit home. Searching around today, I also found this article: 10 Signs an Employee May be Stealing from Your Business (, which I wish I had read sooner! Looking back on it, the employee in question definitely displayed many of these characteristics.

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