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Embezzlement Charges Prompt Supervisors To Search for Safeguards

  September 23, 2010

“I've worked at IntelliCorp for over 6 years. It's been a great ride too. Not only do I trust my employer, they put their trust in me. And that is such a good feeling. During my tenure, I've gained a wealth of knowledge about the background screening industry, and more importantly, how crucial it is for businesses and organizations to mitigate for all types of risks. IntelliCorp does just that, not just internally, but externally as well by helping its customers. It's one of many reasons this is such a great place to work.

Speaking of knowledge, I never stop learning. It's one of the many ways we get through life. Businesses never stop learning either. It's one of the keys to success. Unfortunately, however, sometimes we learn from an incomprehensible damaging act caused by another individual. On the bright side, it's those situations that help us learn how to prevent similar acts from occurring in the future. Check out this interesting article written by Cherie Ward from the Mississippi Press.

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