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Debt Collector Drama Continues in Minnesota with Debt Collection Agencies

  November 10, 2011

The debt collector saga continues on in Minnesota. And it’s primarily due to debt collection agencies forgoing background checks and hiring criminals, thieves, and other offenders. But here’s the deal; Minnesota debt collectors are required by law to conduct pre-employment screening and are barred from hiring criminals. However, some firms have failed to implement comprehensive screening policies and therefore aren’t conducting background checks. And what’s happened? They’ve hired a bunch of people with criminal histories that have open access to personal information including bank account, credit report and credit card information.

This has become a big problem because laws were ignored by some of the largest debt collection firms in Minnesota. Consumers have a right to protection from criminals. Well, at least they’re supposed to. Since this story broke last year, various debt collection agencies have been put on notice, received hefty fines or are under watch by various state or federal agencies.

Click here to read the latest on the debt collector story in Minnesota.

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