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New FTC Business Center Provides Compliance Tools and Information

  December 15, 2010

The Federal Trade Commission recently launched a new Business Center at to give business owners and professionals the tools and resources needed to understand and comply with consumer protection laws. The useful and easy-to-use site contains information you need to know, whether you sell to or work with consumers and regardless of your business type.

The Business Center includes the following:

• Legal resources
• A Blog containing the latest compliance tips and information
• Video/multimedia gallery that helps explain compliance regulations
• Case highlights
• Workshops and reports
• Laws, rules and guidelines
• Compliance documents

You have the ability to browse by topic or industry to find the information you're looking for. In addition, the Business Center provides practical, plain-language guidance about advertising, credit, telemarketing, privacy, and a suite of other topics. 

What's great is you can share the Business Center materials with others as there aren't any copyright restrictions. Place compliance tips in your blog and newsletters, and use the videos for training or presentation purposes.

Click here to watch a short 1 minute video on how to use the Business Center resources.

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