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Brainstorming & Mind Mapping — Thinking Outside the Box!

  December 1, 2010

Brainstorming & Mind Mapping— Thinking Outside the Box!

Perhaps it's time to develop or launch a new product. Maybe you need to raise profits without increasing expenses.  Have you ever needed to start a project or make major changes to something and have that dreaded feeling of not knowing where to start? It happens all the time. You feel like you're spinning on a hamster wheel going nowhere. Enter brainstorming techniques…but where to begin? How do you think of new ideas? Help!

Brainstorming is a powerful and effective tool used by employers, managers and writers to gather ideas from employees to help, for example; determine a direction of focus, market need or launch a new product to the public.

In today's business environment, you want to be the expert or leader in your field or industry. Select a group of people for a brainstorming session and let them communicate freely. You'll find this to be a valuable resource. Why? It taps into the brain power of your people. Brainstorming techniques help your employees think creatively and there are no limitations on ideas. You may even find some of the ideas shocking or “out there,” but even those concepts, after being changed and improved can result in a million dollar idea. Let the magic begin!

What Will Mind Mapping Do For You?

With that said, companies are implementing tools and techniques designed specifically to generate unique and effective solutions. Using a mind mapping tool to help with brainstorming activities can be a powerful way to unleash new ideas, take your business in new directions and remain competitive. By simply starting with a clear objective, then brainstorming smaller ideas can help put your business on the right path to create a plan of action to achieve a desired goal.

You can use mind mapping to:

• organize your thoughts clearly
• plan and run projects successfully
• communicate information effectively
• solve problems easily
• overcome overwhelm

Why Does Mind Mapping Work?

Mind maps organize the information in the same way your brain organizes information. This makes it very natural and easy to understand.  Our brains like thinking in pictures and the smooth curves and colorful pictures that are created when mind mapping create powerful images for your brain to remember. 

We have two halves to our brains which think in different ways. The left half thinks linearly following direct linkages to related ideas. Our right brain likes to see the whole picture with colors and flow.  A mind map caters to both sides of the brain at the same time, which makes it a very good way of storing and recalling information, presenting things to other people, and brainstorming new ideas.
Mind Map Guidelines

Check out some mind map examples, see how mind mapping can help you in business and watch some videos on what mind mapping is and how to get started.  There are a number of mind mapping tools for brainstorming. You can evaluate them and select the one that's right for your business.

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December 3, 2010 at 3:03 pm
Paul  says:
I'm a big fan of mindjet ( I've used this on several engagements and its very powerful yet intuitive.

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