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Minnesota Passes Ban the Box Legislation on Employment Applications

May 17, 2013  by Sharon Zaleski

Minnesota passes Ban the Box legislation for private employers to remove criminal history questions from employment applications.

Maryland Passes New Ban the Box Legislation on Job Applications

May 9, 2013  by Sharon Zaleski

Maryland passes Ban the Box legislation to remove criminal record and criminal history questions from job applications, but for State Government employers only.

New Jersey Proposed Legislation to Ban the Box for Criminal Records

March 26, 2013  by Sharon Zaleski

Legislation has been proposed in New Jersey that would ban the box and prohibit New Jersey employers from asking applicants upfront about criminal records.

Nationwide Background Checks for All Georgia Daycare Workers

March 25, 2013  by Sharon Zaleski

The Georgia State Senate passed legislation requiring nationwide background checks for all daycare workers, and now it’s waiting on Governor Nathan Deal’s signature to become law.

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