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Colorado 1 of 5 States that Doesn't Require Background Check to Receive Medical License

August 22, 2016  by Chris Cornwell

The state of Colorado has been identified as 1 of 5 states that do not require a medical professional to pass a background check before receiving their doctor's license.

Colorado among Six States Who Don’t Mandate Background Checks To Receive Nursing License

June 30, 2016  by Chris Cornwell

Colorado has been identified as one of six states who do not require individuals to pass a background check prior to receiving a state nursing license.

Colorado Enacts Elder Abuse Law

August 19, 2013  by Sharon Zaleski

The state of Colorado has passed a new Elder Abuse Law. It takes effect in 2014 and is designed to strengthen the protection of “at-risk elders.”

New Colorado Law Restricts Use of Credit Reports for Employment Decisions

May 7, 2013  by Sharon Zaleski

Starting July 1, 2013 Colorado Employers will be prohibited from using credit reports when making employment decisions, but there are exceptions.

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