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Background Checks for Volunteers Becoming Commonplace

  February 17, 2012

In the corporate world the use of background checks has been a common practice for a long time.  Companies cannot afford the risk of hiring the wrong people.  Bad hires can lead to lost revenue, lost productivity and the possibility of negligent hiring lawsuits.

As time passes many organizations that rely on volunteers are beginning to realize that they are just as at risk as any corporate entity.  Even more importantly, the fact is many organizations use volunteers to help care for our most at risk populations, the elderly and children.  In this sense it becomes absolutely essential that unqualified candidates are screened out through a background check process.  

An increasing number of volunteer organizations are implementing background screening programs.  Even school districts have become more diligent and implemented formal procedures to ensure that anyone who works inside a school is checked out.

I believe this trend will continue.  Parents should be cautious of organizations that recruit volunteers without having them go through a background check first.

Here are some recent stories that show different organizations coming onboard with background checking their volunteers.

Drive helps agencies recruit volunteers 

Somers Point council OKs criminal background checks 

Background checks for parent volunteers? 

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