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XML Gateway (XGS)

Seamless and secure search transactions

Our XML Gateway (XGS) solution provides you a flexible and powerful way to integrate employment or volunteer screening services seamlessly with your application using HTTP protocol, without having to access our website. Fully customizable to integrate with your application for your specific requirements, you decide what product offerings you want to offer your customers.

You choose how to obtain results:

  • From our website
  • Posted back to your specified URL
  • We email them to you

Safe, seamless and scalable

Our XGS is a standard .NET web service that uses the SOAP protocol. You select the language to connect to our web service, as long as it communicates with SOAP. The underlying mechanics are behind the scenes, giving a smooth, seamless appearance. Searches are password protected and sent via encrypted protocols so your information is safe and secure.

With our XML Gateway Service, you'll retain the look and feel of your own website or application. Choose the appropriate products which best fit your needs.

Consider our XML Gateway service if you need to:

  • Streamline the integration of your processes (View IntelliCorp's XGS whitepaper)
  • Execute large numbers of transactions
  • Build a custom solution for your corporate objectives
  • Maintain the consistent look and feel of your own website



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