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EVAL (Scoring)

Maintain consistency and neutrality in your hiring process

Also known as adjudication or scoring, our EVAL service helps you get a fast and consistent review of applicant screening results.

EVAL gives you the power to:

  • Define your applicant decision-making process
  • Specify the type of background screening results and policies that are acceptable company-wide or for specific positions
  • Determine the appropriate evaluative criteria along with your human resources, security and legal business teams

Our team of experts compares the background screening results with your designated criteria and assesses the legitimacy of your applicant's candidacy. You get a fast and unbiased score of "Pass" or "Hold" that reduces your exposure to hiring negligence.

Get industry-leading efficiencies

EVAL enables your organization to:

  • Reduce your time to hire and errors
  • Uniformly apply hiring standards
  • Stay organized and in control of your selection process
  • Guarantee confidentiality of applicant's background information
  • Protect business unit, geographic and cultural neutrality
  • Ensure compliance with FCRA hiring regulations

It's all about saving resources, time and mitigating legal exposure. EVAL is the solution that provides consistent and uniform hiring practices and gives you ultimate confidence in your hiring decisions.




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