Tenant Screening Services

Mitigate Landlord Liability

Mitigate landlord liability

It’s important to qualify your prospective tenants thoroughly on both a local and national level. IntelliCorp offers a variety of tenant screening services to help property owners and property management organizations identify potential risks. We’re committed to helping you find quality tenants for your rental units.

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Note: Some courts charge a mandatory fee for single county searches. These are treated as pass-through fees to our clients and are clearly highlighted before processing the search.

Custom Packages

In addition to the packages offered above, we can build a custom tenant screening package with services to meet your specific needs. 

• Bankruptcies, Judgments & Liens    • International Searches 
• Civil Searches    • Federal Court Search 
• Employment Verifications     

If a custom package fits your needs better, please contact IntelliCorp Sales at 800-539-3717 or sales@intellicorp.net.

Volume Discounts

Volume discounts are available. For more information, please contact IntelliCorp Sales at 800-539-3717 or sales@intellicorp.net.

The IntelliCorp Advantage

When conducting criminal background checks, reporting the proper information on your prospective tenants is essential. That’s why our search process includes validating all of our criminal products.

Database searches do not contain all criminal record information for every individual across the country, therefore it’s imperative to check each identified source to obtain a comprehensive picture of a prospective tenant. IntelliCorp’s background check process automatically incorporates all single county recommendations where a subject has lived (either within the last seven or ten years depending on your package), based on a Social Security number trace. As a result, should any criminal records be identified, we return to the source of the data and verify the information — to ensure we have the most recent updates regarding your prospective tenant’s history. Once the records have been validated, we send the background check report to you.     




We offer a wide range of screening services to help your organization.
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