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Dishonest information on an employment application is often a red flag for employers, and can potentially indicate a hiring risk. When applicants apply for a job, employment history can be one of the most important factors to human resource professionals. With the current competitive landscape of the job market, it’s common for candidates to embellish their accomplishments or outright lie on their resume regarding work or academic history.

A screening program that includes verifying academic and work credentials, along with a criminal background check is vital to protecting an organization and providing a safe work environment.

Employment verifications provide a view into an applicant’s current and previous work history, including: 

  • Dates of employment
  • Job title(s)
  • Responsibilities
  • Reasons for leaving
  • Eligibility for rehire
  • Employee rating
  • Pay Rate

Key benefits of Employment Verifications 

  • Identify if false or misleading information was provided
  • Learn if the applicant has the necessary experience for the job
  • A good indicator of honesty and trustworthiness
  • Analyze any resume inconsistencies or gaps in employment

Why you should add Employment Verification to your package: 

  • Many organizations view employment verifications (in addition to education verifications and professional references) as a valuable source for evaluating an applicant’s overall history and performance before making a hiring decision.
  • Common resume lies include; not revealing criminal convictions, omitting employment gaps and education falsification.
  • False dates of employment can also be used to hide time periods of delinquent activity such as jail time, hiding job termination(s), and job hopping.

How do I add the Professional Reference product to my account? 

Contact our Client Services Department at 888-946-8355 or customerservice@intellicorp.net.




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