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As the number of applicants competing for jobs continues to grow, employers must be diligent when it comes to selecting candidates that are properly qualified for a position. In order to identify if an individual has provided false or exaggerated credentials, it’s extremely important that employers thoroughly check the information supplied on the resume.

CareerBuilder, an employment and human resource website, conducted a survey of hiring and human resource personnel. The results concluded that 58% of hiring managers found a lie on a resume, and of those employers, one-third have experienced an increase in resume misrepresentations.  Should an employer onboard a new hire that lacks the necessary credentials, it can result in a poor hiring situation and increased costs when having to start over to find the ideal employee.

Education Verifications provide a view into an applicant’s current and previous education history, including: 

  • School name
  • School type
  • City
  • State
  • Phone Number
  • Highest Grade Completed/Degree
  • Graduation Date
  • Major & Dates Attended

Key benefits of Education Verifications 

  • Confirms the education claims of the applicant are true
  • Increases the quality of the hiring process
  • Raises the standards of employee excellence
  • Helps to mitigate risk and protect an organization

Why you should add Education Verifications to your package: 

  • Using a third party to conduct education verifications can help employers save time and streamline the hiring process.
  • Education experience is a often a major factor in landing a job, which is why so many applicants choose to lie on their resume or during the interview process.
  • Resume fraud occurs on all job levels, from entry level to upper management.
  • Employees that lack the necessary qualifications can put a company at risk for negligent hiring and financial liabilities.

How do I add the Education Verification product to my account? 

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