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The judicial court system in the United States is comprised of both criminal and civil cases. When conducting employment or volunteer screening, criminal searches generally lay the foundation for a comprehensive background check. More often than not, employers use additional products above and beyond a criminal search, such as civil records, to assess an applicant’s qualifications. Civil searches can provide information on an individual’s financial stability, reputation and trustworthiness. Additionally, they can help identify any settlements that could indicate a hiring risk.

A search of civil records can be beneficial for the following: 

  • Executives, managers or employees that will have access to company funds or assets
  • Financial institutions
  • Healthcare organizations (i.e. patient and elder abuse, fraud, physician  or licensed professional history of malpractice)
  • Business partner(s)
  • Property owners/managers (tenant screening)

Civil records can be extremely important for a number of reasons. The noncriminal information revealed in a civil search can be critical to obtain a more comprehensive picture of an applicant. A broken contract, judgments for nonpayment of goods or services, landlord/tenant issues, product-liability suits and business conflicts are all types of civil litigation.

The advantages of civil searches can include: 

  • Identification of applicants that pose a risk
  • Reveals additional information not included in a criminal search
  • Minimize the risk of patient and elder abuse, fraud, physician  or licensed professional medical malpractice
  • Learn if candidates follow through on contracts and/or commitments
  • Gain insight into debt collection or monetary dispute cases

Most civil search reports from a specific court contain the following:  individual’s name (and parties involved), case number and type of case, dates of file and disposition, claim amount and awarding judgment (if applicable). Civil searches do not list an individual’s Social Security number (SSN) or date of birth.   

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