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Implement a proactive, comprehensive approach to mitigating risk 

It's important to get quality background check products that help make solid hiring and recruiting decisions. Our screening services allow you to select the products that pertain to your industry or hiring guidelines, all the way down to job-level positions. You also need a secure and easy process to obtain information on your applicants. It's simple, our technology and flexible options give you the ability to create a screening program that best aligns with your industry or corporate requirements. 

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Criminal Records Criminal Records
Uncover criminal backgrounds
You can't leave the future of your organization up to chance. A thorough and comprehensive criminal background check is
vital ….
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SSN Verifications SSN Verifications
Validate essential information
The first search you should perform when conducting a background check is a Social Security Number (SSN) check.
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Employment Verification Employment Verification
Confirm your applicant's employment history
Don't fall prey to a fraudulent resume. For many reasons, numerous applicants falsify their credentials when seeking employment.
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Education Verification Education verification
Confirm educational levels and performance
Inflating educational accomplishments is one of the most common occurrences found on an applicant's resume.
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Motor Vehicle Reports Motor Vehicle Reports
Get full Motor Vehicle Reports (MVRs)
You need to know who's behind the wheel, especially when transporting goods, services and people.
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Drug Testing Drug Testing
Make Sure: Test for Drugs
Many companies and institutions have adopted employee drug-testing policies to preserve the safety and productivity....
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Credit Reports Credit Reports
Verify Financial Responsibility
For positions — internal or external — where financial responsibility is critical, we help you make the best selection to mitigate theft, fraud and other types of risk.
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Civil Search Civil Search
Get the full legal picture
Leave no stone unturned when it comes to screening your applicants. Civil record searches identify noncriminal suits filed....
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Other Products Other Products
Offering an array of products to fit your needs
Our wide range of additional searches and reports are designed to meet all your screening needs.
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We offer a wide range of screening services to help your organization.
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