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We monitor legislation and make every effort to provide information that could affect how you access and use consumer reports in your hiring and recruiting processes. This information is not meant to provide legal advice of any kind. Legal advice should be sought from your attorney.

In addition to the legislative items listed below, read our blog to get information on other laws that are being considered or have been enacted.

Legislative Guides
The following guides have been created to assist you with the various laws that could impact your screening program.

Ban the Box Guide
Credit Report Guide

Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) Quick Reference Guide
An overview of various guidelines in the FCRA and what applies when conducting background checks.

FCRA Quick Reference Guide    

E-Verify Legislation
The following states have passed some form of E-Verify legislation. Some counties and local municipalities have also enacted similar measures.

Alabama   • Louisiana (HB342,HB646)   Oklahoma  
• Arizona ( HB2745, HB2779)   Michigan    Pennsylvania  
Colorado    Minnesota    South Carolina  
Florida    Mississippi     Tennessee  
• Georgia (SB529, HB87)   Missouri    • Utah (SB81, SB 251)  
Idaho    Nebraska     Virginia 
Indiana    North Carolina     • West Virginia 




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