Why IntelliCorp Requires Annual Training

IntelliCorp is a proud provider of background screening services to organizations across the nation. We believe there are many reasons why our clients choose us.

  • Convenient screening tools that lead to quick turn-around times
  • Client support staff recently rated #1 in quality of service in national survey of providers
  • Technically innovative tools that make your screening program more efficient and your job easier
  • Comprehensive training classes, tools, and resources that keep you informed

In regard to training, one question we get a lot from our users is why do we require annual training? Three primary reasons include:

  1. Knowing how to use your account more efficiently can help you save TIME, MONEY, and can also help reduce your level of frustration and aggravation. 
    • Informed clients make better decisions, have fewer service needs and are more satisfied with the user experience.
  2. The screening process is highly regulated. Processes are continually changing to adapt to the new laws enacted at the federal, state and local levels.
    • Staying current with changes to laws and regulatory requirements can help you reduce the chances of costly litigation.
  3. Technology continues to evolve bringing changes to how your account works, this may include new products, services, processes, documents.
    • Access new account enhancements that can improve your service experience and increase efficiency.

It's all about ensuring you maximize the value you receive from our screening services.

It's also important to know that when the time comes you will receive a 30 day warning pop-up when logged into the system reminding you are due for your annual training. After that 30 days expires, you will know longer be able to submit new searches or review results until the training is taken. Please do not disregard the pop up.

Visit our training webpage for more information.


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