Why Drug Screening Can Be a Vital Component of Any Background Screening Program

Comprehensive background screening can be a valuable tool available for employers as they screen and identify job candidates that can help their organization grow and succeed. One component of background screening that should not be overlooked is drug screening.

A compliant and comprehensive drug screening program can be a vital asset to help ensure your workplace remains safe and productive for not only your company, but your employees as well. The effects substance abuse at work include:

  • Absenteeism, tardiness and illness
  • Employee turnover
  • Loss of productivity and performance
  • Unsafe working conditions
  • Low morale
  • Higher rate of healthcare/medical expenses, and more

At IntelliCorp, we are committed to offering a drug screening program that creates tremendous value for our clients and provides them the information they need to make informed hiring decisions. Our system provides you with a single interface for ordering drug testing and background screening services. Some of the features and benefits include:

  • One-stop shop through IntelliCorp website, which includes the ability for you (or your candidate) to schedule the drug screen at the time of ordering.
  • Available through our mobile applicant self-service portal solution.
  • Real-time status updates in the Results Center so you’ll know where your candidate is in the process.
  • Email notification for status changes.
  • Digital signature capabilities for addendums and document storage for future retrieval.
  • DOT electronic scheduling

Our drug testing products and services include:

  • Hair
  • Saliva
  • Urine
  • DOT


  • Random
  • Electronic Scheduling
  • Post-Accident Testing
  • Onsite Testing

Learn more information about our drug screening services.

Visit our product page to gain an understanding of all the services IntelliCorp offers.


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