Why Background Screening is Essential for Employers

Does your business use a background screening program when evaluating candidates? If not, you may be risking far more than you think. Poor choices when hiring can lead to:
  • High costs associated with needing to re-boot the hiring process, on-boarding, and training of employees.
  • Exposing employees or clients to an employee found to be unfit for the position thereby raising your liability risk for a negligent hiring lawsuit.
  • Damage to company brand and reputation.
Plus, several surveys over the years have shown just how prevalent lies and embellishments are on the average resume. Lies concerning skill set, job responsibilities, dates of employment, educational attainment and more can be found and lead you in the wrong direction when hiring if you’re not doing your due diligence during the evaluation process.
Read our brief, but informational whitepaper A Case for Background Checks to read even more information on the importance of a comprehensive screen for your candidates.
Visit our whitepaper resource page to find this paper, plus many others, to have some relevant information about the background screening industry that should help your decision making when it comes to screening.


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