Are Rolling Background Checks for You?

Employers are continually concerned with the status of their employees and workplace. A healthy workplace is a vital piece towards better morale and higher productivity. While most employers conduct background screening prior to employment as part of their hiring process, many are now considering a screening policy that does more.

One idea is the concept of maintaining a screening program that conducts rolling background checks, meaning employees would be subject to a new background screening on a periodic basis throughout their employment. With rolling checks, employers would be in a stronger position to ensure their workplace remains productive and safe by identifying employees with criminal infractions that occurred during employment. It can be part of a more comprehensive screening policy that understands that one background check at the beginning of employment may not be enough to meet their needs.

Of course, one major aspect that employers must account for with any continuous check program is the Fair Credit Reporting Act. (FCRA) The FCRA requires specific written consent by an employee prior to an employer running a background screen, along with other notice and disclosure requirements. However, if an employer intends to run rolling background checks, they must state in a “clear and conspicuous” manner that they will be screening current employees periodically during employment. Otherwise the employer will need to provide a new notice and new consent to the employee every time they run a new background screening. Making sure your screening program remains legally compliant is essential.

If you’re an employer with specific needs where maintaining up-to-date information on your employees can point to real gains for your business, then a rolling background screening may be for you. Either way, background screening can offer real value to any employer, and it’s incumbent on the employer to understand all the options that are available to them.

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