Newly Released Information Continues to Support Need for Strong Background Screening

Background screening is an essential part of any hiring process. Employers utilize screening to gain the most accurate picture of a candidate in order to evaluate their qualifications for the position in question and their fit within the culture of the organization. Background screening can help uncover details surrounding criminal history, educational and credential attainment, work history, and so much more. 

As competition for good jobs increase, resume fraud has become more and more prevalent. In fact, statistics listed in HireRight’s 2017 employment screening benchmark report stated as many as 85% of resumes contain some kind of lie or mischaracterization. Considering the cost of a hiring mistake, it’s imperative for employers to uncover these falsehoods during a candidate evaluation. A strong background screening process can accomplish this. 

A comprehensive background screening should include the following:

  • Validated criminal background check at the county level based on address history
  • Validated sex offender search
  • SSN verification
  • Validated Department of Corrections search
  • Government Sanctions report

 In addition to those criminal background check reports, the following should be considered to get a complete picture on any candidate:

  • Former last name search
  • Employment verification
  • Professional references
  • Education verification & more

As more data is released about how employers and applicants approach the hiring process, it is more important for employers than ever to engage in a process that is comprehensive, fair, and transparent. A screening process, backed up by a NAPBS accredited vendor, subject to continuous review, is the best way to arrive at the best results for everyone involved. 

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