VA Fails to Background Screen Thousands of Employees

Background screening is an important tool for employers when evaluating candidates. Poor hiring decisions can not only cost organizations revenue and workplace productivity, but in some cases they can lead to negligent hiring lawsuits and real harm to individuals. Just recently it came to light that the Veterans Affairs Department (VA) has not been following requirements to screen their medical professional staff.

The VA confirmed that they did not screen 6,200 employees and failed to screen an additional 10,400 employees in a timely manner. Because of this lack of screening, the VA cannot attest to the suitability of a large segment of its workforce. By not properly screening some employees, the VA could be potentially placing the people they serve at risk.

It is vital that organizations that serve vulnerable populations such as children, the elderly or the sick, utilize all the tools they have to ensure the safest environment possible, not only for the people they serve, but for their employees.

Currently the VHA and the Operations, Security and Preparedness (OSP) have agreed to provide better monitoring and oversight of background checks for new employees, along with instituting corrective actions plans to ensure compliance.

Whether you’re part of a large bureaucracy, or a small home healthcare provider, it pays to screen your applicants and make sure your organization has reasonably done all it can do to provide a safe environment for patients and employees alike.

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VA Failed to Give Required Background Checks to Thousands of Medical Personnel


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