Helping your organization to resume day-to-day activities while keeping your employees and volunteers safe

ACCESS19 solution is a secure, paperless, safety solution specifically designed to allow businesses to resume day-to-day operations while keeping their workforce safe from COVID-19.

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With rapidly changing conditions, our solution allows organizations to maintain a safe workplace via ongoing monitoring and daily COVID-19 attestation and status validation.


  • Secure Badge Immunity Verification
    ACCESS19 generates a digital badge that requires employees to provide COVID-19 self attestation each day before returning to work, providing care, and so forth. 
  • Technology-Enabled, Full-Service Solution
    Safeguard your organization with our easy-to-use system that offers reporting capabilities and is backed by a dedicated service team ready to support your organization.
  • Customizable to Your Organization’s Model
    While ACCESS19 is designed to help you easily manage COVID-19 at your organization, our standard set of questions can be fully customized to meet your policies and protocols. 

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  • Ensures Safety
    Keep your employees or students safe from COVID-19 with our flexible, data-driven solution that can evolve as vaccines and various testing options are approved by the FDA.
  • Protects Privacy
    ACCESS19 protects public health data and eliminates privacy concerns.
  • Minimizes Risk
    Our solution provides attestation digital badges valid for 1 day, which expire at midnight. Minimizes the risk of COVID-19 by limiting access to your organization without daily attestation.

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