XML Gateway

Helping you create a top-notch employment screening program

Whether you’re considering developing a new data retrieval solution or expanding an existing one, integrating your offerings with IntelliCorp’s mature and customizable system alleviates the challenges associated with creating a high-quality background screening process, greatly reducing your time-to-market. 

A seamless operation

XML Gateway is the interface between your website and IntelliCorp’s robust suite of screening solutions and search capabilities. Your customers can login to your website and submit their background screening requests, which IntelliCorp then processes and sends the results back.

The underlying mechanics are behind the scenes for a seamless process. Searches are password protected and sent via encrypted protocols so your information is safe and secure. The integration is transparent, which means that you retain the look and feel of your website or application so your customers see only your brand, not IntelliCorp’s.

The benefits of partnership

An XML Gateway integration with IntelliCorp produces numerous benefits for employment screening providers. 

  • Connecting your processes with IntelliCorp’s system gets you access to the most comprehensive data repository of records available in the industry, eliminating the need to develop your own databases and vendor networks.
  • Quality background checks are contingent upon accurate and reliable data; a partnership with IntelliCorp gives you the confidence that you are providing your customers the most thorough and dependable results. 
  • Integration includes access to IntelliSearch, our premier screening tool. IntelliSearch dynamically recommends the best searches to perform, based on an applicant’s attributes. This value-added feature benefits your customers by taking the guesswork out of deciding which background screens to run. 
  • With XML Gateway, IntelliCorp can create a custom solution for you that includes only the screening products you need, at a fraction of the cost of building a comprehensive system from scratch. 

Let IntelliCorp’s integration experts show you how your organization can take advantage of our expertise, industry knowledge, and vast capabilities.


I've been a client of IntelliCorp since 2009 and they continue to exceed client expectations of high standards of service and are always available to speak with their clients. Great job to the entire organization!

-- Melissa C. | Recruiter



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