Applicant Tracking System (ATS) Integration

Integration solutions targeted to meet your specific hiring needs

IntelliCorp offers industry-leading integration technologies to help streamline your HR processes, saving time and money, while mitigating risk.

Shaping your hiring practices

Background screening is only a part of your hiring process. Using Applicant Tracking or Talent Acquisition systems keeps screening programs organized, saves time and paper, and, ultimately, helps you find the best candidates. IntelliCorp's innovative technology fits into many different onboarding solutions.
IntelliCorp can integrate with your current Applicant Tracking System to help provide a more efficient hiring process and more pleasant candidate experience. 

By integrating, you can eliminate redundant data entry into multiple systems, which:

  • Frees up your time
  • Reduces typos and other errors

Integrations are key

We have partnered with several Applicant Tracking Systems with standard integrations. By utilizing these standard integrations, you will see a faster time to market.
We have also built custom integrations with multiple systems and are familiar with the nuances, pitfalls and common hurdles in the process. We know the questions to ask and can help guide you in development lifecycle.
In addition to simple integration, IntelliCorp can offer guidance in the selection of an ATS. We can help find a partner that fits your background screening needs and delivers IntelliCorp’s services.
Most of IntelliCorp’s products and services are available via ATS integration and we strive to be a partner in your overall hiring solution.

We value our partnership with IntelliCorp and are confident that our background screening process is thorough, accurate and helpful in keeping our organization safe and secure.

-- Allan G. | Human Resources Manager



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