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U.S. Supreme Court Elects Not to Hear Ninth Circuit Decision Concerning Background Check Disclosures

December  14,  2017 by Chris Cornwell
The U.S. Supreme Court recently chose not to hear appeal concerning Syed v. M-I, LLC regarding what constitutes a "stand-alone" background check disclosure form.

Federal Court Rejects Argument that Background Check Disclosure Form is Not a Stand-alone Document

December  13,  2017 by Chris Cornwell
A federal court has ruled in favor of a plaintiff regarding what constitutes a "stand-alone" document when it comes to background check disclosure forms. Find out why this is an important development.

Avis Settles FCRA Background Check Lawsuit for $2.7 Million

December  12,  2017 by Chris Cornwell
Car rental company Avis recently settled a FCRA class action lawsuit regarding their background screening practices.
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