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New Federal Government Policy for Public Social Media Information as Part of Background Investigation to Help Identify Security Risks

May  20,  2016 by Sharon Zaleski

Federal employees or contractors seeking to request or reapply for security clearance are now subject to having their public social media information reviewed by the government. It is now part of the background investigation process to identify security risks.

'Ban the Box' Coming to College Admissions

May  16,  2016 by Chris Cornwell
The federal government has begun to take their first steps in bringing 'ban the box' policy to the world of college admissions.

Vermont Has New Ban the Box Law for Background Check and Criminal History Process

May  09,  2016 by Sharon Zaleski

Vermont Governor Peter Shumlin has signed a bill to ban the box for both public and private employers pertaining to conducting background check and learning about an applicant’s criminal history.

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