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Here's what our clients are saying about IntelliCorp.

We provide information to help you make the smartest screening decisions possible. 

Here are client reports about their experiences with IntelliCorp:

Testimonial #1

I like logging on to one site and finding everything I need for a background check in one area. Great customer service!

Testimonial #2

I like the easy way to order criminal background checks for our facility. With our other program it was a very complicated process and time consuming. This is quick, easy, and the results take no time. The staff has been wonderful and supportive as well.

Testimonial #3

The customer service is awesome!  They get back to me right away and help answer my questions.  I am glad we switched over to them back in 2009.  I would recommend IntelliCorp to anyone!                 

Testimonial #4

We've had a long history with IntelliCorp and it's been easy working with the system.

Testimonial #5

We have a good relationship with our account manager and representatives. When we have questions or concerns, they address them in a timely fashion and with a high degree of knowledge.                                

We are committed to your screening needs.

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