Program Package

Markel and IntelliCorp have teamed up to provide a background check program package for the deeply discounted rate of $9.95*. When recruiting employees, you want as much information possible to make smart decisions.

The $9.95 program package includes:
• Criminal SuperSearch
• SSN Verification w/Address History
• Nationwide Sex Offender Registry
• Terrorist Search (OFAC)
• 1 Single County Search*

*Some courts may also charge an additional mandatory fee. These are treated as pass-through fees to our clients and are clearly highlighted before processing the search.
**IntelliCorp will waive the $10 monthly fee, an annual savings of $120.

Program Package Component Coverage Information

Criminal SuperSearch
The Criminal SuperSearch is the best value and affords the best coverage available.  This search conducts a multi-state search of criminal records, including the District of Columbia.  Each Criminal SuperSearch report contains a wealth of information, including felony and misdemeanor records, sex-offender records of all 50 states, inmate records and arrest information.  This comprehensive criminal database includes records in all 50 states and over 290 million records.

Sex Offender Registry
The National Sex Offender Registry currently includes publicly available sex offender information from all states. It also includes information from the District of Columbia, Guam and Puerto Rico. Some states may also include violent offender information. Results will vary according to state.

SSN Verification w/Address History
The Social Security Number verification product searches over 600 million records on an individuals' reported SSN. Provides the ability to verify and validate who may be using a certain SSN. This is the same information used by banks, lenders and credit companies nationwide.

Terrorist Search (OFAC)
The Terrorist Search helps ensures that organizations and individuals have not entered into transactions with a person involved in terrorism, international narcotics trafficking, or activities related to the proliferation of weapons of mass destruction. Results include data from the Directorate of Defense Trade Controls (DDTC) [AECA Debarred List], Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) [Specially Designated Nationals List], Bureau of Industry and Security (BIS) [Denied Persons List, Unverified List, Entity List] and the Bureau of International Security and Non-proliferation [Non-Proliferation Sanctions].

Single County Criminal Search*
The search is conducted at the county court level and will recover records from any county requested in the United States. Included in the search are any felony and/or misdemeanor records. The report contains complete case information including defendant information (defendant name, DOB, and address); case information (case number, filed date, disposition, disposition date, and sentence); and criminal charge information (statute section, offense description, and charge disposition).

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